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Asia’s Most Beautiful Legs

Lin Chi Ling showing off her Asia's Most Beautiful legs.

Lin Chi Ling showing off her Asia's Most Beautiful legs.


We spent a day with Lin Chi Ling to discover how she maintains her healthy, beautiful legs. Here are the tips she shared for all readers and fans out there!


Morning Magic! 9.30 AM

It’s a lovely morning and this equally lovely celebrity gives us a smile as she delivers the general lowdown on what she does to have those precious legs.


Tip!  “I reckon in order to have a pair of beautiful legs, exercise is a must-must!” she says.


She then laid the exercise mat and started off with some stretching and twisting moves to warm up her body muscles before she began her leg exercise that lasted for 15 minutes.


 Then, she moved towards her dressing table where we noticed a uSqueez underneath.


Tri-Action uSqueez Treat! 9.45 AM

Tip!  “Every morning, while putting on make up, I would be at my OSIM uSqueez to revitalize my legs for the day ahead,” she says with a wide grin. “The uSqueez’s Tri-Action massage relaxes and revitalizes not only your feet, but also your calves and ankles all at the same time.”


We’re back at her home. She still looks so beautiful after a busy day. We then ask her, “It’s has been a busy day for you, how do you rejuvenate yourself?”


Home Squeez Home 8.00 PM

“After walking around in my high heels the whole day, I always long to be back in the comfort of my own home to enjoy comforting, relaxing and soothing leg massage. All it takes is 15 minutes and I can feel rejuvenated!”


Tip!  “With 3 specialized lifestyle kneading programmes for your selection, the OSIM uSqueez lets you select the massage to suit your different needs.”


Recharge Programme

Firm and sustained squeeze recharges and re-energises extremely tired feet.


Revitalize Programme

Rhythmic progressive squeeze stimulates vital acupressure points for enhanced well-being.


Relax Programme

Smooth, continuous squeeze relieves and soothes muscles aches.


She gets off the uSqueez and takes a bottle from her dresser.


Moisture Mania 8.30 PM

We give her a quizzical look. She speaks before we ask her what it is. “I usually have to wear high heels and more often than not, the skin on my legs becomes very dry and heel fissures develop as a result. So every night before bedtime, I would moisturize my toes, heels and put on a pair of socks. Of course this therapy is not meant to be done every night. This can be done on alternate weeks.”


Tip!  “Having a healthy diet is as important!” Chi Ling exclaims, “I suggest that you should cut back on foods that are in salt to prevent water retention and fats to avoid cellulite.”


So there you have it- that’s how Asia’s most beautiful legs, Lin Chi Ling maintains her healthy, beautiful legs.



Behind-the-Scenes with Lin Chi Ling


(An OSIM Exclusive Interview)


Lin Chi Ling posing with OSIM uSqueez

Lin Chi Ling posing with OSIM uSqueez

What are you busy with lately?

I’m taking on a new challenge in the movie ‘Red Cliff”. I truly appreciate this opportunity and it’s a brand new experience that I really enjoy.


How was your preparation for your new movie?

Watching Dvds, reading books, observing people- all those tiny things that can enrich my performance. And of course, I keep myself healthy.


Between modeling and acting, which do you prefer and why?

I will have to be greedy and take both.  Modelling is the foundation of my career, and acting is an extension that has taken me to another dimension. I love them both and make the most of my work every time!


Being a celebrity, what is your greatest job satisfaction?

My greatest satisfaction is that modelling in Taiwan is now a lot more recognized and respected than before. I never realized I could bring smiles on so many faces, or be a little influential in any way. Knowing that a sunny outlook and a positive attitude could influence those around you, I shall continue my aim to bring more smiles.


Tell us a little bit more about your ideal partner.

I guess no one could ever be perfect. When you love someone, you learn to love someone, you learn to love what he or she is. I long for a love that is long-lasting, one where you could hold hands at the age of 50-60 and still cherish each other. Soul mate, I think.


Your face is not the only part of you that is well-known.  The other is your legs. Which do you prefer then?

My legs. I take a lot of care to keep my legs relaxed and happy! And, I really owe it to my OSIM uSqueez, which I use everyday to de-stress and tone my legs. Many people do not realize the importance of legs. They carry the weight of the entire body but are often neglected. We all pamper ourselves with facials and body massages but forget about the legs which need maintenance to stay healthy and strong. That’s why I use my uSqueez for 15 minutes on a daily basis.


Why did you choose to work with OSIM to endorse the OSIM uSqueez?

I am serious about the companies and products that I endorse.

When OSIM approached me, I was delighted because not only is OSIM an international brand name, it is also a company that embodies health and fitness, which is so important in a person’s life.


Also, I am a big fan of OSIM . So, it was a very decision to say yes to OSIM .


Upon learning that you are endorsing OSIM uSqueez whereby your legs will be featured a fair deal, did you undergo any sort of routine or treatment?

Normally, I would focus on exercising and massaging my legs to promote good blood circulation. And, upon learning that I’ve been picked as the endorser, I took extra precautions to take care of my legs. I even went on pampering legs treatment package to ensure the best results whilst shooting the commercial.


Did you control your diet or fluid intake so as to prepare yourself for the shoot the day before?

It is imperative to maintain your body in the best condition while shooting. Hence, I have to conscientiously ensure that I lead maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent ‘water retention’, I actually soak my legs in a hot bath before heading out. And, upon arriving at the scene, I even use the OSIM uSqueez to relax my tensed muscles.


How much do you spend on average in order to maintain the beauty of your legs?

Ha-ha! I never really take that into account. However, I have to say that taking care of your legs is as important as taking care of your face! Because your legs bring you to places!


What do you think of stilettos/heels? Are they a woman’s friend or foe?

If you take care of your legs, they are your best friend. However, heels will increase the pressure on your calves. Therefore, ladies out there, you must always know how to relax and pamper your legs.