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The World Expo: Sights and Sounds!

by Sue-Lynn

Hey all, I do apologise for the long silence. I returned from the World Expo just a few days ago, and was so overwhelmed with all the unpacking and catching up with friends!

Anyway, the World Expo trip was a big eye-opener for me. I have never been able to see so many cultures all in one place. With the pleasant Shanghai weather to top off the exciting experience, I definitely feel that this is one of my best trips overseas!

I’m very sure many of you are really keen to have a glimpse of the sights of the World Expo. So here are just some of the thousands of photos that trigger-happy me took…

The grand-looking Singapore Pavilion. Just one of the many magnificent structures in the area! (You’ll find out why soon…)

And here’s the reason why I’m in Shanghai in the first place – OSIM uSoffa Petit.

All the rest points in the Singapore Pavilion are furnished with these uSoffa Petit..   Don’t they look gorgeous?!?  I feel so proud seeing how the weary visitors are enjoying the comforting massage it offers.  Looks like everyone’s really putting it to good use. I did, as well! You just cannot imagine how good  it feels.

The features of the Singapore Pavilion really remind me of home. It’s full of lush greenery!

Just some other pavilions in the area. Can you see the massive crowds gathered outside the pavilions? Waiting time was at least 2 hours! I definitely did NOT want to wait for 2 hours on my poor feet.

From top left: Australia, Canada, Luxembuorg, Croatia, Holland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, People’s Republic of China.

One of the highlights of my visit was Little Durian Star! It was really great to see the mascot up close.

Lots and lots of Little Durian Star merchandise. Super adorable!

I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this: Because it’s my very first VIP pass ever!

There are at least three hundred more photos that I have not posted actually, but trust me, you have to be there to experience the World Expo yourself! It’s going to be on for the next few months so do pay a visit to Shanghai if you can, yes?

Anyway, there will be some exclusive Little Durian Star merchandise to be given away, so if you want your hands on one, do stay tuned and keep reading to find out how you can get one!

I hope you’ll enjoy the long holiday, guys and girls!

I’m Leaving… For the World Expo 2010!

by Sue-Lynn

Guess what, I’ve just been presented with the most exciting opportunity of my life… As OSIM’s in-house reporter, I have been assigned to fly to Shanghai tonight, to cover the World Expo 2010! Isn’t that awesome?? I know some of my friends are really jealous right now, because they have been going on and on about how much they want to be there to see the world come together with the various cultures… And of all people, I have been rewarded with this prestigious chance!

As the official sponsor of the SG Pavilion, OSIM has set up many pit-stops for visitors to relax and re-energise. If you’re at the World Expo now, do drop by to say hi. These pit-stops, aka OSIM Relax Corners, are furnished with our latest innovation – uSoffa Petit massage sofas.

The uSoffa Petit collection in pretty, pretty colours. I like!

These sofas are really hot in Asia and now visitors of the SG Pavilion can experience it for themselves. The uSoffa Petit provides a soothing massage for the lower back, calves, ankles and feet – absolutely heavenly for your feet if you’ve been walking around the various pavilions since morning. I personally think many will appreciate it – ahem, including myself of course!

I particularly love the airbag function of the uSoffa Petit, as it relaxes my muscles without being too intense.

Apart from checking out the SG Pavilion, and spotting various famous faces, I will be having my own little tour around pavilions from other countries. You’ll be surprised at the creativity that’s in store! Many countries have created very interesting themes for their pavilions, and have even included state-of-the-art, high-technology displays that literally take you to a different dimension. I can’t wait to be there to check them out!!

Here are some pavilions that I definitely want to visit:

Holland Pavilion: It’s shaped as a figure of 8 to represent wealth when translated into Mandarin. Also, the pavilion contains traditional Dutch canal houses and even a crown-shaped VIP room. Quaint! I think I’ll feel as though I’ve been transported back in time… Will definitely take loads of pictures here!

The Brazil Pavilion is one pavilion that will be hard to miss, that’s for sure. Its bright green, leafy exterior was inspired by the idea of ‘Brazility’, which I’m assuming should mean the personality and culture of Brazil. Did you know the green ‘skin’ was made out of reused wasted wood?

Iceland’s Pavilion is what it is… Literally made out of ice!

I love Macau’s Pavilion, because it is the shape of a jade rabbit lantern that will continuously change colours. This is inspired by the Mid-autumn Festivities in Macau, where many carry rabbit lanterns. Visitors can not only watch an engaging film about Macau, but they also leave with a rabbit lantern each. I want one!!

Matching its concept of being a ‘green city’, the Romania Pavilion is shaped very uniquely like an apple (actually, a bitten apple!).

Lastly, I can’t forget this Pavilion, the Singapore Pavilion! It is shaped like a musical box and its theme is Urban Symphony – this represents Singaporeans of different races and cultures, living in harmony. I’ll be seeing the familiar flora in the rooftop Garden in the Sky, which will very much remind me of home. Darn, will I get homesick the moment I step in? Hmm…

It is like the entire world has congregated in Shanghai. Talk about saving yourself an around-the-world ticket!

Also, have you guys seen Singapore mascot for the World Expo? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on possibly the most adorable thing ever: Little Durian Star.

Isn’t he cute?? His spiky head is a really good representation of Singapore’s famous fruit, too. I’m definitely getting Little Durian Star plushies and keychains when I’m at the SG Pavilion. Hands up if you want me to get you one, too!

Well, I gotta run, need to get my itinerary sorted out, and think of what to pack! Yes, I haven’t packed yet, I’m such a procrastinator. Will be back on 21st May, I’ll fill you guys in on the details then!

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China Travel: World Expo 2010

Singapore at World Expo 2010

OSIM is proud to be the official sponsor of SG Pavilion @ World Expo 2010

Dear blog readers,

OSIM is proud to be the official sponsor of SG Pavilion at World Expo. By serving as a sponsor at World Expo, this event is an opportunity for us to showcase OSIM and help bolster the Singapore brand, to China and the world!

This is the first time OSIM is an official sponsor at the World Expo. The World Expo is a 150-year-old global and non-commercial exposition aimed at developing world economy, culture, science and technology, promoting the exchange of ideas and strengthening international relations.

Singapore’s participation in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is its largest to date at the World Expo, signifying its strong and close bilateral ties with China.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is scheduled to visit China from 13 to 18 May 2010. As part of his visit, MM will be officially launching the Singapore Pavilion on 15 May 2010.

Mr Ron Sim’s Quote on Sponsorship of Singapore Pavilion at World Expo 2010:

“As the world turns its eyes to China, the Singapore Pavilion will showcase the best of our nation at the World Expo in Shanghai. A growing economic powerhouse, resulting in rising consumer affluence and evidenced the increasing popularity of OSIM products, China draws increasing number of tourists and business travellers. We are proud to partner our nation in this world class event and are confident the Singapore Pavilion will make a positive impact on these visitors.”

Ron Sim
CEO OSIM International

In the coming weeks, we would be covering more of OSIM in the Singapore Pavilion at World Expo 2010. So stay tuned to us for more!