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Michelle Chong tries the OSIM uPhoria and uDivine!

Watch the short clip where we are featured in Ch8’s Best Bet programme!

Michelle Chong introduces you to the OSIM uVenus Ambient Purifier, uPhoria Leg Massager and uDivine Massage Chair!


Space-saving tips to place uDivine at Home!

Here are some home decor ideas on how to place your OSIM uDivine in different apartment scenarios to save space, while not compromising good design!

OSIM uDivine fits in any home – whether you are living in a studio apartment or a 5-room flat!

To find out more on OSIM uDivine, visit or any OSIM outlets or roadshows today!

Go behind-the-scenes with Xiao S! (OSIM uPhoria TVC)

We had real fun filming our TV commercial for OSIM uPhoria with International Artiste, Xiao S. Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Xiao S while we filmed her with our new OSIM uPhoria Tui-Na Leg Massager!

Xiao S getting ready for the TVC shoot

The TV crew preparing for the shoot!
Nothing better than a soothing leg massage! Xiao S enjoys a pampering massage with uPhoria!
Look at Xiao S’s beautiful calves!
Having a close-up shot!
“When I put my legs into the uPhoria and the gliding starts, the aches just melts away! Leaving you feeling very relaxed!”

Check out the uPhoria TVC right here!:

Introducing the world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager – OSIM uPhoria

Do your calves, ankles and feet feel tired after a long day at work? Of course they do! Now you can pamper your legs with the new OSIM uPhoria – The world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager!

OSIM uPhoria Tui-Na Leg Massager targets vital meridian points on the legs to give positive energy flow, for better health and overall well-being.

It has a 5-in-1 massage (Tui-Na Massage, Wrap-around power squeeze massage, Roller reflexology massage, Vibration massage and Warmth therapy) which produces the benefits of an outstanding Tui-Na massage.

Know more about uPhoria’s Tui-Na massage:

OSIM uPhoria’s Calf-Gliding massage system uses the strokes of Tui-Na, which provides relaxing deep tissue massage to relieve your calves’ aches and strains. Tui-Na uses a push and pull technique which helps improve circulation to your legs – keeping them healthy & beautiful!

OSIM uPhoria is endorsed by International Celebrity, Xiao S. Xiao S is a big fan of OSIM and is thrilled to be OSIM’s latest endorser for OSIM uPhoria.

Experience the Aching Soothing-pain!

With OSIM uPhoria, you will get an aching feeling that’s so enjoyable! The distinctive soothing-pain of OSIM uPhoria can only be explained once you have experienced it yourself!

Why do you need OSIM uPhoria?

  • The uPhoria stimulates key meridian points on your legs to promote better health and well-being with its Tui-Na feature
  • After a long day of work, it soothes and relieves your tired & sore legs
  • The vibration massage stimulates blood circulation to make your muscles more flexible and recharged
  • Tone & shape your legs – the glide-hold massage action helps to tone & strengthen your muscles, revealing shapelier legs!

 Who needs OSIM uPhoria?

You! Anyone who is in need of a relaxing & refreshing leg massage, should use OSIM uPhoria!

Experience OSIM uPhoria at all OSIM outlets / roadshows today, or visit to know more!

Introducing OSIM uPixie Laptop Massager

Ever seen a massager as small as a thumbdrive?

Now with the compact and portable OSIM uPixie Laptop Massager, we can bring our massage anywhere and anytime! Be it surfing the web, chatting online, playing computer games or listening to music – as long as you are using a computer or laptop, you can simply connect uPixie and massage away!

Eases stiff neck and shoulders!

 The uPixie is pre-programmed with 4 well-balanced massage programmes (Energise, De-stress, Deep tissue relief and Shape up), each designed to relieve muscle aches and tone up your body while you go about working on your computer!

uPixie eases your stiff neck and shoulders, tone your arms, firms tummy and soothes your aching thighs – you can use uPixie to target at your common pain-point areas!

uPixie is equipped with a suite of specialised massage programmes

Another feature of the uPixie laptop massager is that it has a Music Synchronised massage technology featurewhich enables you to have your massage sync with your favourite music anytime and anywhere! Simply sit back and relax while you enjoy your massage on-the-go!

Get to know more about OSIM uPixie Thumbdrive Massager at:

uPapa Music Sync: Buzz-worthy!

News about OSIM uPapa Music Sync is all over after OSIM Taiwan’s press conference!

Read below to see what are the reviews (Click on image to enlarge):


Oliva Ong at OSIM uPapa Music Sync Press Conference

OSIM latest endorser, Olivia Ong was in Taiwan earlier last month for OSIM uPapa Music Sync press conference.
Check out Oliva in these exclusive press conference photos!

Reporters are treated with a pampering experience with the uPapa Music Sync!

Oliva comes on stage to greet the exciting crowd

Oliva interacts with her supporter and encourages him to put on the uPapa Music Sync!

Check out the uPapa Music Sync in Red! With matching red earphones too!

Everyone's enjoying the soothing massage of uPapa Music Sync!

Olivia's enjoying to the music while having a relaxing massage!

uPapa Music Sync
Music Synchronised Massage for Neck & Shoulders

OSIM uPapa Music Sync - The world's 1st Music Synchronised Massage for Neck & Shoulders

The Music Synchronised Massage Technology in uPapa Music Sync transforms your favourite music into a simultaneous massage for your body, relaxing both you mind and aching muscles.

The powerful drumming from uPapa Music Sync‘s symmetrical double-point drum-massagers provides deep tissue relief, loosening your stiff muscles to improve blood circulation and make you feel more energised after each massage.

For more information on uPapa Music Sync, visit: